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Years 7-8 (Stage 4)

Year 7                                                       Year 8

English                                                                English

Maths                                                                  Maths

Science                                                               Science

Geography                                                          Geography

History                                                                 Health

PD Health PE                                                      History                                                 

Visual Arts                                                           PD Health PE                                                     

Music                                                                   Visual Arts                                                        

Language                                                            Music                                                          

Technology                                                         Technology                                                             

Year Advisor                                                       Year Advisor



Year 8 - Plus two electives from the following. (One each Semester)


·         Clay & Mosaics (Creative Arts)

·         Drama (Creative Arts)

·         Make It & Take It (Wood, Metal, Electronics)

·         Paddock to Plate (Agriculture)

·         Photoshop Premier Elements 

·         Stargazing (Textile Technology)

.         Street Art / Wearable

.         Sweet Endings (Food Technology)

.         Thinking in 3D