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School Clinic

If students become unwell or are injured during the day, they must report to the school office and will be taken to the first aid rooms where they will be assessed by the first aid personnel. All students with medical issues must have a signed consent form from parents, outlining all details and medication required at school. Panadol is not kept on school premises. Any panadol provided to students by parents will not be given to students at school unless a signed medication form from parents is given to first aid personnel. Parents of students unable to be returned to class will be contacted to collect the student and take them home. If a parent is unable to collect his/her child, it is essential that the parent make alternate arrangements so that the student may be collected from school as soon as possible. The first aid room is for assessment and observation only. In emergencies an ambulance will be called (at no cost to the parent), and parents will be immediately contacted. If necessary, the child's doctor will be notified. It is essential that contact telephone numbers are kept up to date.

Parents are expected to:

  • cooperate with the school on student health matters
  • inform the school of the health needs of the child at enrolment or when health conditions develop or change.
  •  liaise with the child's medical practitioner about the implications of any health condition for their  schooling and convey advice and information from the medical practitioner to the school.
  •  if required, provide prescribed medication and ‘consumables' for administration by the school in a timely way and as agreed with the principal.
  • where relevant, collaborate with the school in planning support the child's health needs at school including updating information and reviewing plans.