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If you wish to be awarded the HSC:


  • You must have satisfactorily completed courses that meet the pattern of study required by the Board of Studies for the award of the Higher School Certificate. This includes the completion of the work placement, practical, oral or project  works required for specific courses and the assessment requirements for each course.
  • You must have sat for and made a serious attempt at the Higher School Certificate examinations.
  • You must study a minimum of 12 units in the Preliminary course and a minimum  of 10 units in the HSC course. Both the Preliminary course and the HSC course must include the following:

1.      at least 6 units from Board Developed courses including at least 2 units of a Board Developed

       course in English

2.      at least three courses of 2 units value or greater

3.      at least four subjects


At most, 6 units of courses in Science can contribute to Higher School Certificate eligibility.


  • The Board of Studies publication ‘Studying for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate – An Information Booklet for Year 10 Students', contains all the HSC rules and requirements you will need to know.
  • If you do not wish to receive a ATAR, you must select 6 units of Board Developed courses, then you may make up the remainder of your units from Board Endorsed courses.




To gain entrance to university at the completion of the HSC course students will  need a Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).  The ATAR is a separate index calculated by the universities.


The ATAR will use 2 units of English and the next best 8 units that are studied. These units must be chosen from Board Developed courses. All Board Developed courses are classified as "Category A" except the Board Developed VET courses and Industrial Technology. This latter group is classified as "Category B" if accompanied by an external examination.  Only two units of Category B courses may be included in the ATAR.


Some particular courses at University may also require students to study specific courses for the Higher School Certificate ..