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Junior School Uniform

Blue check dress, navy blue box pleat skirt, navy blue/grey tailored school shorts/pants with Navy and mid blue polo shirt. Fully enclosed black leather school shoes. The Murray High School jumper or jacket may also be worn.


Senior School Uniform

Mid blue dress with navy blue trim, navy blue tailored school shorts, skirt, pants, or grey pants. Navy and yellow polo shirt, fully enclosed black leather school shoes, Murray High School jumper or jacket.


PE and Sport Uniform

Sports shorts (navy blue), sports shirt (mid blue with navy trim and school logo), plain navy blue tracksuit pants, plain white socks, fully enclosed leather sports shoes, jumper or jacket.

Riverina representative items that may be worn: Riverina rugby top, Riverina sports jacket (black with white stripes and Riverina Logo). NO RIVERINA HOODIES.

The School PE/Sport Uniform may be worn to school and to normal classes on SPORTS DAY ONLY.


School Shoes

Black fully enclosed leather shoes or black fully enclosed joggers are the only acceptable style.

Due to WH&S requirements, all students must wear FULLY ENCLOSED BLACK LEATHER SCHOOL SHOES.


Canvas style, ballet types are not acceptable school footwear.


Wet Weather Clothing                                                                                                                                

The Murray High School spray jacket is an accepted item of school uniform and may be worn.  The Riverina school representative sports jacket (black with white stripes and Riverina logo) is also an accepted item of school uniform and may be worn. Overcoats, duffel coats, parkas and scarves, which must be navy blue or black, may be worn to and from school and when outdoors, but must NOT be worn in classrooms or at assembly.




Our parents and students have indicated that Murray High School is a ‘uniform school'. This means that all students must wear the appropriate uniform at all times as a means of developing school identity and tone.

There are also mandatory Work Health and Safety requirements which apply to the wearing of the uniform. Any student not wearing complete school uniform must report to the Head Teacher on duty from 8.30am near the Deputy Principal's offices either to collect an ‘Out of Uniform‘ note or to have a parental note approved by the Head Teacher. 

Students who are out of uniform and do not have a note by the commencement of Period 1 will be automatically placed on detention for that day (unless they have signed in late).  Staff may ask students at any time to present an ‘Out of Uniform' note.


General Standard of Dress

1.    Baggy/cargo/hipster style pants and shorts, denim jeans or track suit pants ARE NOT acceptable as part of the everyday general school uniform.

2.    The only jewelry permitted is a watch, signet ring, plain bangle and one pair of studs or small sleeper earrings (one in each ear).  All should be able to be removed for PE, sport or in practical subjects or situations that may prove to be dangerous.

3.    All items of clothing should be clearly labeled with the pupil's name.

4.    It is expected that students will give attention to their cleanliness and to maintaining a neat appearance.  This includes grooming and personal hygiene, as well as clothing and other belongings.

5.    It should be understood that students whose standard of dress or cleanliness falls below acceptable standards may be prevented from participating in various school activities.


Murray High School Uniforms are available to purchase from: 

Albury Uniforms and Schoolwear    
1104 Mate Street North Albury

Albury Uniforms Price list - MHS Uniform


514 Olive Street Albury

Lowes Price list - MHS Uniform     


To order online at Lowes:
 2. Click on "Uniforms" then "School Uniforms"
 3. Use search bar to type in "Murray High School"
 4. Click the blue square that says "view"

Delivery to home or click and collect at store options are available



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