Murray High School

Excellence, Opportunity and Success

Telephone02 6025 4711

About our school

Murray High school is located in the Albury suburb of Lavington. It focuses on ensuring student excellence, opportunity and success through the delivery of a comprehensive, quality, creative and balanced curriculum. Our school fully develops students by giving them wider subject choice and an unsurpassed range of cultural, sporting and performing arts opportunities. 

Murray High is a proud member of the Durakar Educational Community. The Durakar Community binds Burrumbuttock Public, Jindera Public, Lavington Public, Lavington East Public, Springdale Heights Public, Charles Sturt University and Murray High School into an educational partnership which promotes cooperation in ensuring all students are given the best opportunities from Kindergarten to Year 12. 

Murray High Schools motto is "Learn to Live" and this effectively captures the ethos of the school. Its strong academic focus, welfare structures and physical environment provides students with diversity of choice and opportunities to succeed. We pride ourselves on how we help our students develop the skills and values that will enable them to be successful, well rounded citizens.

Murray High caters for all its students and has a proud record in this area. It has excellent programs supporting students with special needs, be they physical or intellectual. It also ensures that students who are gifted and talented are given every opportunity to develop their special skills. 

Murray High is a welcoming and friendly school which embraces the importance of the partnership between the family and the school.

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